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Studio Leap

Would you like to be a pioneer in attracting inbound tourists? ​

​​ You can efficiently send information about your store to tourists visiting Japan from overseas!



Why is there a line at the store next door?

YouTube completely penetrated by corona misfortune

Try searching in the area where your store is located.

Do you have videos that are growing overwhelmingly?

​It's a great chance to make your store go viral! ! !

​ If you are thinking of inviting influencers from overseas to your store or posting on social media overseas, please let us know! ! !


Service introduction

Image by Aman Pal

social media marketing

Use SNS to promote your service with articles and videos!
Use Instagram or short movie apps.

Image by NordWood Themes

YouTube ads

We will post a video that effectively appeals to tourists visiting Japan about shops and experiences!


Inbound measures

We will help you with inbound measures.
We provide specific advice for developing the inbound market.


Consulting services for overseas companies

We provide consulting services to assist with the launch of products in Japan.


Thank you for your interest in our services.
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